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Get To Know – Belako

For The Rabbits

We Say…


Arising as the figureheads, alongside Mourn, of a revolution in Basque post-punk, Belako have already made something of an impression on these shores courtesy of supporting Liam Gallagher of all people, but don’t let that put you off. The band are set to return to the UK for a run of more intimate headline shows in September, which should give us the chance to take a much closer look at them.

Ahead of those dates, the band recently shared their excellent video to the frenetic new single, Maskenfreiheit. The track is the latest to be lifted from the band’s recent album, Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence, which was released earlier this year. Maskenfreiheit starts with a complex clapping rhythm, before bassy-riff and booming toms explode into a cacophony of angular, energetic noise. The easy, half-whispered vocals are a beautiful counterpoint to everything that engulfs them, Belako pull you in close…

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Poetry Lab #1


Movement in Animation Three-layer animated composite


The image above, if carefully examined, displays three differently animated levels distinguishable by their relation to velocity and, by consequence, Time. This animation device has been used to display certain feelings in a much clearer way: her face is animated carefully and slowly, every frame is fluid, to inspire serenity and placidness. Her hair is animated frantically, with frames leaping between animation with little fluidity, alluding to a chaotic exterior and high intensity movement. The background, although blurred, also happens at a time different from the other two layers, presenting a both static and simultaneously – moving – backdrop. This allows for a certain displacement through the fluidity of our space, allowing Art to perforate the emotional human sensors without replicating at all what those sensors are used to, by thematic association. Our world feels much like that of the animation, it constantly…

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And the wind doesn’t stop, doesn’t stay, and doesn’t wait. It has to travel like the thirsty traveler that it is; it has to go on and on, and meet people and places. Challenge the mountains and change courses of rivers. The wind has seen it all, and knows what is next. The wind is a fortune teller and a historian. The wind can uproot the deepest roots and firmly plant a fragile sapling in to the soil. No man can and what man cannot, no one can, incarcerate the wind. Like the orange of the sun, wind is the color of life.

And you are the wind. You are the thought. The writer.

And there is no need to believe in the truth for it is there, real; what we must believe in is a lie, because once we believe in it to be real, it starts to exist…

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